This site is something of a playpen for me where I can try things out without worrying about breaking anything important. There is no real significance to the name Dunhackin beyond my penchant for terrible puns and wordplay. It's where I go to relax a bit when the day job's done.

Various things will appear and disappear over time, but the more permanent residents will include things related to my other hobbies. Right now that includes a website that I developed to make my life a bit easier when using the Velocette 350/500cc parts list (aka the Blue Book) - click the 'Blue Book' menu item above, or click this link to open it in a new window.

Recently I've added a scanned and OCR'd version of the Velocette 'Red Book', the service guide for the machines referenced in the Blue Book. Since this is full text and diagrams, not just an image scan of the pages, it's searchable.

March 2017. In addition to the Red Book, the site now boasts the spring frame 350cc MAC Service Manual (also red...) and the Venom/Viper/MSS Owner's Handbook which is worth a read all by itself. My favourite quote from the Handbook Road Safety section is " is better to be a few minutes late in this world than many years too early in the next". 

May 2017. The MAC Service Manual mentioned above was somewhat incomplete; I've rectified that. Unfortunately, many (most) of the hyperlinks within the pages themselves won't work until I get around to repairing them. There's an irritating technical reason for it, but isn't there always?

July 2017. KSS, KTS Mk. II OHC Instruction book.1950

September 2017. MAC Owner's Handbook 1955

October 2017. Rigid-frame MAC Service Manual