The pannier frames and bags that we can supply as extra equipment are fitted as follows :-

Remove both rear mudguard stay bolts, distance pieces and aluminium inner end caps from the rear suspension brackets on the main frame. The distance pieces are not refitted. Also remove both pillion footrest pivot bolts.

Offer up one pannier frame into place, springing aside the outer aluminium cap to clear the end of the pannier frame tube and push the tube into the end of the suspension bracket. Check the aluminium cap to see if it needs filing to clear the pannier frame tube. Remove the pannier frame and file the aluminium as required. A six inch half-round file is best. Do the same to the other side and also file both inner caps.*

Fit both frames in position bolting them on at the top with the mudguard stay bolts and at the bottom with the pillion footrest pivot bolts. Flt the cross bracing tube to the frames with the bolts provided and finally tighten up all bolts firmly.

A carrier is also available for fitting to the pannier frames.

* The caps on current machines are shaped to clear the pannier tubes.

FIG. 41b