To change the kick starter return spring B.K.19 first take off the kick start housing complete (see page 18). Take off the nut from the kick start cotter and drive out the cotter, using a soft metal punch to avoid damaging the threads. Take out the spring anchor peg B.K.73 /2 from the top of the housing. The crank simply pulls off the end of the ratchet or the ratchet may be tapped through the housing. It will bring the spring with it. Fit one loop of the new spring over the peg in the ratchet. See that the thrust pins K.191 and the engaging spring B.K.19 /2 are in place and refit the ratchet and spring into the housing, setting the spring and ratchet in such a position that the other loop is below the hole in the housing through which the anchor pin fits. Screw in the anchor peg, taking care that its projection is engaged with the spring loop. Hold the large end of the ratchet in a vice and turn until the spring is in tension and the crank cotter and crank can be refitted. For those owners of Velocettes who do not possess a vice it is sometimes difficult to get the necessary tension on the return spring while fixing the kick start crank on its shaft. A simple method is to knock two nails from which the heads have been removed into the bench. These nails must be spaced the same distance apart as the oilways in the ratchet, which is slipped over them and held firm while the housing is twisted to give the necessary tension to the spring.

†Refit the cotter with the threaded end towards the rear of the machine. Finally, refit the complete housing to the end cover, making sure that the thrust washer B.K 82 is in place in the ratchet. Refill with engine oil, see page 5.

When refitting the kickstarter housing do not in any circumstances fit a joint washer between the housing and the end cover and do not omit the steel thrust washer.