Except on early models, the silencers are detachable for cleaning purposes. Undo the fixing at the rear end and undo the clip on the front ends of the silencers, when the silencer can be slid out of position. By grasping the body of the silencer in one hand and the fishtail in the other, the fishtail and baffle tube can be pulled out and the baffles are readily accessible for cleaning purposes.

To clean out non-detachable silencers either burn out accumulated oil by means of a blowlamp or soak in boiling solution of caustic potash and afterwards scrape insides of baffle tubes.

Note.—As the solution is highly corrosive, great care should be taken not to splash the liquid on to the flesh or clothes or over any enamelled parts.

Any leakage between the exhaust pipe and front of the silencer after refitting can be prevented by wrapping a strand or two of asbestos string round the joint inside the clip and re-tightening the clip.

Before refitting, the conical baffles in the ends of the exhaust pipes should also be scraped clear.

Warning.— Do not in any circumstances enlarge the holes in the baffles or tamper with the baffles in the silencers or in the exhaust pipes as this will in many cases actually reduce the performance of the machine apart altogether from the risk of annoyance which is likely to be caused to other road users from excessive noise.