If it is desired to bring a Motor Cycle to the Works for attention it is absolutely essential that a definite appointment be arranged in writing with the Service Dept.

Testing and external examination can be done at almost any time and at very short notice, but if subsequently it is found necessary to carry out work the machine may have to take its turn with work already in progress at the time unless some definite arrangement to the contrary has been agreed upon by us.

All motor cycles or parts sent by rail for repair should be addressed to us and consigned to Hall Green Station, G.W.R., carriage paid, and must be labelled with sender's name and address, (or parcel should contain a note giving this information). All parts must be securely packed and cylinders, heads, petrol tanks, etc., which are liable to damage, must be packed in strong wooden cases. Where goods are received insufficiently packed we supply suitable boxes which are charged extra. Complete machines should have movable equipment such as tools, inflators removed before despatch. A letter giving full instructions for repairs needed should be posted and should state date of despatch of goods. This letter must give the Serial Numbers of Engines, Frames or Gearboxes sent as units or, in the case of a Motorcycle, the Registration Number and Engine Number. Any machines or parts received without instructions or other means of identifying sender will lie here at Owner's Risk and we shall be under no obligation in regard to them.

Attention is drawn to the fact that generally the demands upon our Repair Department are less during the winter months than during the summer period. In consequence we can deal with repairs more expeditiously during the winter. This should be borne in mind when contemplating an overhaul.


We are pleased to give estimates for repairs needed to any machines or parts sent to us if required and in such cases we do not commence repairs until such estimates are returned accepted. Such estimates are prepared as accurately as possible but may be subject to slight revision if, when repairs are actually in progress, it is found that additional parts are needed. In the event of an Estimate not being accepted a charge will be made for stripping and assembling. No guarantee is given with any repair if the Estimate is not accepted in full.


Our terms for all repairs are as for spares (see spares lists) and carriage and packing is charged extra in all cases. Packing cases (when invoiced) will be credited if returned in good condition within seven days from date of despatch of goods. Parts removed and replaced with new ones will be disposed of at once unless instructions are received for their return at the same time as order. In cases where Estimates are submitted the old parts will be disposed of on acceptance of Estimate unless instructions are received otherwise. In cases of urgency parts may be sent per Railway C.O.D.* system at our discretion if instructions to the contrary are not received.

* Railway C.O.D. Services temporarily suspended.


Unless appointments are made and confirmed beforehand we cannot undertake to start and complete repairs during one day. We will at any time arrange appointments on request. Whilst every reasonable care is taken, customers' machines and property are received, stored, and driven at customers' sole risk and we accept no responsibility for loss or damage arising from fire, accident, theft, or otherwise. Customers' wishes as to delivery will be adhered to as far as is practicable, but no responsibility can be accepted for delays in the carrying out of any repairs, or for the quality of, or delays in procuring, any replacements that are not of our manufacture.

When repairs are completed customers will be advised by post unless we are otherwise instructed.