When renovating a machine it is sometimes necessary to fix new Transfers to the tank, etc. Carefully clean the surface to which the Transfer is to be applied so that it is free from all dirt and grease. Apply a very thin coating of Gold Size or Transfer Varnish over the design of the transfer, avoiding overlapping the lettering as far as possible. Allow the transfer to stand until the Gold Size becomes " tacky" and then, with the thumb nail separate the thin paper from the thicker backing, at one corner only, and peel it off. Apply the transfer to the work, keeping it taut between the fingers and lightly press down with thumb. See that the transfer is well pressed down and free from creases and air bubbles. Allow to stand for about 10 minutes approximately, and then soak off the thin paper with cold water, when it will float off and leave the transfer. Wipe over with a rag soaked in clean paraffin. To preserve the transfer brush over with a light film of clear varnish, which may be applied when the transfer has dried.