Re-fit the valve spring covers, using new paper packings, and make sure that the joint surfaces are quite clean. Use " Gasket Goo" or Seccotine on the metal surfaces. It is very important to replace the inlet cover as this cannot be re-fitted after the head is in place on the engine.

Fit the sparking plug before fitting the head on to the engine.

Make sure that the bevels are in the correct position (see illustration) and if the crankshaft has not been moved re-fit the head. Should the crankshaft have been moved and the timing deranged see page 37, "Checking the Valve Timing."

Tighten the four bolts evenly with the box spanner provided. They should be tightened down a little at a time so as to pull down the head evenly. Do not tighten the bolts excessively as this will only cause distortion. Now re-fit the bevel housing cover (using a new paper packing), the exhaust lifter cable, exhaust nut, head steady strap, etc. Slide the vertical shaft cover up into the top bevel bush housing and slip the spring ring back into its groove. Screw up both gland nuts. If these have previously shown signs of leakage wrap a strand or two of asbestos string round the vertical shaft cover inside each nut before screwing them on to the bevel bush housings.