Loosen the lock nuts of both rocker pins with the spanner provided and take off the valve covers. Compress the springs of one of the valves and take out the cotter. We supply a valve spring compresser which is the best tool for this work. When ordering quote Part No. KA163 /2. The compresser is designed so that one end bears on the valve spring top washer whilst the end of the compressing screw locates in the centre of the valve head. Now unscrew and take away the valve spring compresser and pull out the valve.

It is necessary to remove the rocker if the springs, with top and bottom washers, are to be taken out. This is done by using the spring corn-presser again, but as the valve is no longer in place a washer (SL6 /35) must be placed over the plain tip of the screw to provide a bearing for the screw and to prevent damage to the end of the valve guide in which the tip should be located. After compressing the springs enough to clear the rocker, the rocker pin can be unscrewed and taken out allowing removal of rocker and thrust washer. This latter is fitted on the rocker pin between the rocker and the threaded end of the pin. After releasing the springs they can be lifted out together with the top and bottom washers. Also remove the oil retaining washers and caps from the valve guides.

It is best to provide two small boxes marked respectively "inlet" and "exhaust," so that the rockers, valve cotters, springs, etc., shall not be mixed. Actually the springs, top and bottom washers, and rockers are interchangeable between exhaust and inlet, but it is best to keep them separate after they have been in service.

The removal of the other valve, springs, and rocker is carried out in just the same way.

To clean the carbon from the piston crown and the head a soft metal scraper should be used to avoid scratching the surfaces. A strip of brass filed to an edge at one end is suitable. Do not in any circumstances clean or polish the piston top with emery cloth as abrasive may get between piston and cylinder and cause scoring and premature wear.

Before scraping away the carbon from the head the cavities through which the rockers project should be stuffed with clean rag to stop any carbon or dirt entering the cam chamber and getting into the camshaft bearings.