Front Brake. (See Fig. 8). The hand lever should not come up too close to the grip when the brake is fully applied, and as the brake wears it will be found that the lever will move further before full braking power is obtained. Adjustment is then necessary. and is carried out as follows :-

Loosen the lock nut below the knurled head of the brake adjuster on the front brake plate, screw up the adjuster until the correct adjustment is obtained. It is best to have the adjustment set so that the lever is about a full inch away from the grip when the brake is fully applied. When correctly set tighten the locknut. After adjusting raise the front wheel from the ground by supporting the machine on the front stand in order to make sure that the brake shoes are not fouling the drum when the lever is released. (The adjuster is on the fork girder on early types).

Rear Brake. (See Fig. 12. To re-adjust screw the knurled nut further up the brake rod at the rear end until the correct adjustment is obtained. After adjusting brakes check wheels to see that brake shoes are not fouling.

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