To do this properly a stout box or tin will be needed to support the front of the machine to keep front wheel clear of the ground. Tighten shock absorber (on right-hand side of front fork) fully. This prevents fork spring extending fully when wheel is lifted clear of ground and prevents extended spring fouling head lug. Support machine on rear stand. Raise front wheel and have someone push stout box under front end of frame. Unscrew steering damper knob.

kss kts inst fig11


Feel for traces of play in head bearings by taking hold of fork towards the lower end of girder and alternately pushing and pulling. Check for freedom by turning handlebar to left and right. Correct adjustment gives perfect freedom with no play.

To take up play loosen clamping bolt nut on top clip of fork and tighten down the large hexagon nut below the steering damper knob (turn clockwise) about a quarter turn. Tighten clamping bolt and check results. If play is still noticeable repeat process until removed. If overtightened and steering is stiff, slack back the column nut, and after loosening the clamping bolt tap the top clip up from below, using a piece of wood between hammer and top clip. Tighten clamping bolt and check results.