Refit the piston complete with rings and insert circlip. Great care should be taken to ascertain the circlip is pushed right home in its groove in the piston boss. In the case of K.T.T., models it will be noticed that the piston is recessed on the crown at one side to miss the valve. It is important that this recess corresponds with the exhaust valve, therefore the piston should be fitted so that the recess is at the front of the piston. The Cylinder barrel should now be fitted. Great care should be taken to prevent breaking or straining the piston rings when inserting the piston in the barrel. When in position on the four crankcase studs, tighten up the cylinder base nuts evenly, each one a little at a time so as to pull the barrel down to the crankcase evenly.

After placing the Cylinder Head in position, tighten up the screws evenly, each one a little at a time, make sure that the joint is perfectly clean.