First place the middle gear in the sliding fork B26. The groove in the middle gear for the striking fork should be nearest the end cover of the gearbox., then thread the driving shaft through it. Now place the kickstarter shaft B11-3 with the rollers B13 spring peg and the kickstarter cam into the layshaft. This can now be placed into position in the gearbox, taking care that the kickstarter cam comes in the correct position with the peg at the back of the gearbox. The tongue of the cam should bear against the kick starter stop pin below the kickshart shart bearing, and the slot in the K.S. shaft for the crank cotter should be at the top of shaft.

The low gear wheel can now be placed into position, and then the cover replaced, and the screws tightened up. Next the lock nut on the end of the gear shaft should be tightened up with a box spanner after which the small brass cap should be replaced. Kickstarter spring and cover can now be replaced taking care to keep spring in cover, sliding the end of the spring over the peg on the end cover. Turn shaft round (clockwise) till slot is at the top. Crank can then be slid into position and revolved twice in anti-clockwise direction when cotter can then he replaced. Should it be necessary to change the gear ratio from the standard ratio to the T.T. ratio, all that is necessary is a new layshaft and low gear wheel.

These ratios are more suitable for long distance road racing. It is easily done without removing the gearbox from the frame, or dismantling the clutch. When the gearbox has been completely assembled do not fail to fill it with lubricating oil as described in paragraph 1.