First remove chain cover and the small gearbox sprocket from end of mainshaft. Remove the sleeve gear nut No. C5-25 by turning anti-clockwise with the peg spanner in tool kit. Remove the driving chain by unfastening the spring link. The Clutch will now pull off the sleeve gear in one unit. The clutch itself is easily taken apart by lifting off the various plates.

Remove the 3 small thrust pins from back plate otherwise they may drop out and be lost. The fabric inserts should stand up above the steel ringsof aninch and will wear until flat with the steel. The plates should be washed clean with petrol and dried. Put a little grease between the balls in the Ball Race. The Ball Race should be tight in the chain wheel and an easy fit on the centre bearing of the back plate.

To re-assemble the clutch, first place the back plate KC1-25 with the flat side down, next place the steel ring with inserts on the back plate in its working position, now the dished friction plate with the depressed portion engaging the notches in the back plate. The chain wheel now slides on and engages the plate at the back with the notches in the chain another dished plate is now placed into position on the chain wheel with the projecting side up, then the ring with the inserts is engaged with the notches in the chain wheel. Last of all the outer plate KC2-25. This one is rather difficult to place into position as the notches must be engaged with the projection on the dished plate below. It is now necessary to replace the 3 thrust pins, and they should be held in position in the back plate by a little grease.

To make the refitting of the Sleeve Gear nut easier it is desirable to engage top gear. This will prevent the Sleeve Gear being pushed into the gearbox through the Sleeve Gear bearing and will enable the nut to be engaged on the threads of the Sleeve Gear quite easily with only finger pressure.

When all is assembled correctly the whole should be held together and placed on to the sleeve gear in the gearbox and the springs placed in their holes in the adjusting ring KC4. The two sleeve gear lock nut washers should be cleaned and smeared with oil and then placed in position on the sleeve gear lock nut C5-25. They take the slip as the nut is screwed up and prevent the clutch springs from doubling over. The nut C5-25 must now be put on and locked up very tightly. It is best to finish tightening this up with the chain on the clutch correctly adjusted as this will prevent the shaft turning whilst tightening up. It is advisable to send your Clutch Plate to us to have new inserts fitted. They are fixed under a powerful press. The charge for this is 9/- plus cost of inserts and postage.