The lubrication is in all engines correctly set to give the correct circulation of oil when the engine is operating under full load on the test bench before leaving the Works.

By removing the oil filler cap when the engine is running slowly the return flow of oil from the engine can be checked and should be almost continuous when all is warm.

It can almost be said that too much oil cannot be given for racing, remembering at the same time that an excessive amount will cause trouble with oiled plugs.

In this connection take care that you are using a plug suited to the conditions. (See notes re plugs). Should it be necessary to increase or decrease the flow of oil through the engine, this is done by altering the adjusting screw K.69. Turning clockwise increases the flow but do not alter the screw more than a quarter of a turn at a time.

Under no circumstances must the flow be cut down till there is less than an intermittent flow returning to the tank.The flow of oil through the rocker box can be checked by detaching the pipe from sameto the tank and noting that oil is returning. This flow is only small and does not exceed ΒΌ pint in ten minutes when the engine is running slowly.