At the head of every letter written to us on the subject of a machine we advise that the engine number with serial letters should be quoted. The number and letters will be found stamped on the driving side of the crankcase just below the bottom flange of the cylinder. Registration Numbers are of no help since these are invariably allocated after delivery of the Motor Cycle from the Works. In all communications a really legible signature and the full address are necessary and important.

If a letter addressed to us is in reply to a letter received from us the letter reference, which will be found in the letter heading on the left-hand side, should be quoted so that the letter may be passed immediately to the individual dealing with the matter. Letters asking for advice and technical information should not contain orders for Spares or refer to other subjects. Owners should always order Spares from the nearest Velocette agent.


9 a.m. to 12-15 p.m. and 2-0 p.m. to 5-0 p.m. Mondays to Fridays. Closed Saturdays.

Bank Holidays and Special Occasions excepted.


Terms of the guarantee will be found in our catalogues.

Should it be necessary to claim for an alleged defective part it is essential that the original part is returned for examination in accordance with terms and conditions laid down and before any such claim can be considered. This does not mean that the machine must be laid up whilst the old part is being returned for examination and a new part may be ordered either through one of our appointed Agents or direct from us, and will in the latter case be sent per C.O.D. unless cash is received with order. The original part should then be returned to us suitably labelled with owner's name and address and the engine number, date of purchase and a brief statement of the circumstances of the case. If the claim is admitted a refund will be made of the cost of the parts if purchased direct from us or credit will be issued to the Agent if replacements were purchased in that way. In the latter circumstances the name and address of the Agent should be given when returning the parts.

Usually it is convenient to send either the original Invoice or Advice Note, which accompanies the purchase of the replacement part. Should a claim be disallowed reasons will be given in detail for our decision. It should be borne in mind, however, that a claim is in no way prejudiced by the acceptance of an Invoice in the first place and every claim is treated individually and judged entirely upon merit and the result of the inspection of the original part.