We can supply, as additional equipment, Pannier frames and bags designed to suit the MAC model. As these are made to fit the Velocette and are not intended to be suitable for all other makes they are more easily fitted and look much better than proprietary fittings which, because they have to be adaptable to a variety of different frames usually suit none of them very well.

The Velocette Panniers are easily fitted as follows :-

Remove both rear mudguard stay bolts, distance pieces, and the inner end caps from the rear suspension brackets on the main frame. The distance pieces are not refitted. Also remove the two pillion footrest pivot bolts.

On some earlier machines the aluminium end caps - inner and outer - have to be filed to clear the pannier frame tubes that are attached to the suspension brackets by the mudguard stay bolts. By offering up each pannier frame in turn it is easy to mark the end caps so that the turned over edge can be filed to clear the pannier frame tube.

Mark the inner end-caps in the same way and file out as needed.

A six inch half-round file is best for the job.

Fit both frames in position bolting them into the rear suspension brackets at the top in place of the distance pieces that were discarded, and at the bottom to the pillion footrest eye-bolts with the pivot bolts.

Attach the cross bracing tube to the frames with the bolts provided and finally tighten all bolts fully.