This Service Manual is issued as a guide to the complete servicing and repair of the MAC spring frame model Velocette and is intended primarily for the use of Agents and Repairers.
We have intentionally omitted some of the various routine maintenance jobs and adjustments already covered by the Owners' Handbook for the same model as these are usually undertaken by the rider.

References are made in places to special Service Tools which are essential for certain operations. It is earnestly hoped that Agents and Repairers will equip their workshops with them. They save so much labour and avoid the risk of damaging components that their acquisition is well justified.

It is possible that some private owners who are in the habit of doing most of their own repairs will obtain copies of this book. To any of these we suggest that in their own interest they entrust any repairs, which are likely to prove beyond their capacity, to their local Agent and not "bite off more than they can chew."

Publication No.F.469/4R