This should be removed for cleaning and oiling every 5,000 miles approximately. It should not be taken apart, and in no circumstances should the wire wool element be unwound as it will be difficult to refit properly, resulting in unsatisfactory filtration.

Wash the entire air cleaner assembly in petrol until all accumulated dirt is removed. Dry out thoroughly by compressed air blown through the cleaner or use moderate heat to do so.

Prepare it for further use by immersing in engine oil (Viscosity S.A.E.50). Allow all excess oil to drain off, wipe externally and refit to the machine.

Removal of Air Cleaner.

Remove the battery. Disconnect the petrol pipe at the taps and remove the carburetter and flexible connecting sleeve.

Take off the nut from the bolt that holds the top lugs of the cleaner and oil tank to the frame, and push the bolt out of the cleaner lug.

Working from the right-hand side of the machine remove the ½-in. B.S.F. bolt that holds the bottom lug of the cleaner to the rear engine plate.

Pull the cleaner away forward and towards the left. The battery strap may have to be sprung a little, but not enough to set it permanently.

Refitting after cleaning and re-oiling is just a reversal of the process.