In compiling this instruction book we have attempted to give in a concise form all the information normally required for the efficient management and upkeep of the Velocette Machine and to give instruction on how to effect those minor but all important operations that mean so much to the operation of the Motor Cycle and to the satisfaction of the owner.

It must be remembered however, that in a book of this nature it is impossible to deal with every aspect of motor cycle maintenance and that this publication is confined to essentials.

The Velocette differs in many ways from other machines and therefore requires a little special knowledge of its construction and adjustment.

Those who are already familiar with earlier Velocette Models will find that on this machine several alterations have been made in the construction and in certain cases adjustments have been provided for in a different manner. A careful study of the instructions will therefore be found to be well worth while and we hope that owners will make full use of the book.


3 /37.   G.D.