Do not race the engine unnecessarily or let the clutch in suddenly so as to cause the rear wheel to spin. This causes excessive tyre wear and stresses the transmission unnecessarily.

Try to obtain a smooth and silent get-away.

Do not drive on the brakes. Brake early and drive on the throttle as far as possible so as to make the minimum use of the brakes.

Do not allow the engine to labour on a high gear on hills. The machine will climb faster and easier on the next lower Ratio.

Do not attempt to start the engine with the throttle more than slightly open and on machines with manual ignition control do not attempt to start on full advance.

Do not neglect the adjustment of the clutch and chains and always see that the latter are well lubricated.

Do not race the engine in neutral gear position, accelerate violently or drive at high speed with an open throttle on the lower gears in residential districts. This causes unnecessary noise and also causes annoyance to the public in general. The noise of the machine is judged by comparision with other noises present. In a busy street the machine might be practically inaudible but in a quiet narrow street with high buildings it might be heard for a considerable distance although being driven in the same manner. Do not forget to turn off the petrol after running.

Do not lean machine over on to footrests when parking. Use the prop-stand.