Chiefly for purposes of initial assembly the intermediate gear spindle is capable of adjustment to alter the meshing of the intermediate gear with the crankshaft pinion and cam wheel. It is very unlikely that further adjustment will be required.

To alter the adjustment the damping ring must be unscrewed from the intermediate gear (on machines with Helical Timing Gears this ring is not fitted). Use the pegged spanner for this purpose. The ring is right-hand threaded. A tubular spanner may be inserted through the three holes in the centre of the gear to undo the three bolts holding the boss of the spindle to the crankcase. It may be necessary to turn the gear a trifle to bring the holes opposite the bolt heads.

After slackening the bolts a trifle the spindle and gear may be moved to bring the gears closer into mesh or further out of mesh as may be desired. The final adjustment should allow perfect freedom consistent with freedom from back lash. Tighten the bolts fully after finally setting the gear and replace the damping ring (if fitted) which must be tight.

Unless there is a very definite reason for altering the adjustment, we do not recommend altering the initial setting which is carefully adjusted before the machine leaves the factory.