Take off the rear mudguard extension after taking out the centre of the rear lamp, the two bolts which hold the extension to the rearguard, and the two nuts which secure the extension to the rear stand. Raise the machine on to the rear stand. Loosen and take off the three dome nuts securing the hub to the brake drum. Unscrew and pull out the spindle from the right-hand side of the machine which will allow the rear wheel and distance piece to come out of position and be removed. When refitting do not omit the distance piece between the right-hand side of the frame and the wheel hub and after travelling about 20 miles check over the rear wheel nuts for tightness as these occasionally bed down a trifle after a wheel has been refitted.

Under no circumstances must the centre spindle be removed until the machine is supported upon the rear stand and the spindle must always be in position before the machine is taken off the stand as when the centre spindle is removed the rear wheel is only supported on the brake side.