It is always policy before adjusting the Damper, to be sure that the Fork Links are nicely adjusted, so that practically all end play between the inner fork link faces with the girder cross members is eliminated.

Care has to be taken that they are not tightened up too tightly, as these faces have only to be in slight contact with each other, and not gripped.

Whilst this is being tested, the hand adjuster " E " for the damper should be slacked right off. To adjust the links, undo nuts "A" and " B" (left-hand side of girder) about half a turn, slack off nuts " C " and " D " (right-hand side of girder) a few turns, turn spindle either to the right or left according to whether the links have to be advanced inwards or outwards, by applying a spanner to the square end of the spindle. It will be necessary that "A" or " B ", whichever spindle is being adjusted, moves with the spindle whilst rotating from the square end. This is best accomplished by using another spanner on nut "A" or " B " and allow nut to move with, and at the same rate, as spindle is being rotated. Then apply upward and downward pressure to the handlebar, to be sure that the link faces are not tightened too tightly. The knurled washers must be free to turn.

Spindle nuts "A" and " B " should then be tightened up and the fork tried again for easy movement. If satisfactory, nuts " C " and " D " can then be finally tightened up and the same test given for freedom of spring action.

Plan section through adjustable damper

It is now a simple matter to adjust the Damper by tightening up hand adjuster " E " until the necessary conditions of damping are arrived at.

If the above procedure is followed the best conditions will be attained, but it should be noted that this apparent complicated procedure only refers to complete adjustment of the fork mechanism when it is considered that the fork is not functioning perfectly. Of course, where ordinary damper adjustment is required (when the links are known to be already correctly adjusted), it is only necessary to turn hand adjusters in whichever direction may be necessary.