Engine MOV.  Bore 68m /m. Engine MAC.  Bore 68m /m. 
  Stroke 68.25m /m.     Stroke 96m /m.
   Capacity 248c.c.    Capacity 349c.c.

Compression ratios : MOV and MAC, 6¾ to 1.

It is necessary to use as fuel one of the Ethyl Petrols or Cleveland Discol.

Gearbox. Gear Ratios MOV. With 19T. sprocket

 Top  6.35:1
 Third  8.45:1
 Second  11.1:1
 First  16.1:1

Gear Ratios MAC. 

 Top 5.5:1
 Third 7.3:1
 Second 9.6:1
 First 14 to 1

Note. Up to Engine No. MAC. 973, a 19T Engine Sprocket and 22T Gearbox Sprocket were standard. Ratios were approximately the same. A nineteen tooth sprocket is now fitted as standard.


Pitch ½".

Width .305".

Ground Clearance : 5"

Height to top of saddle : 27½"

Wheel base : 52¼"

Weight complete MOV 275 lbs. approx. MAC 280 lbs. Approx.

Width over handlebars (overall width) : 27½"