The following Guarantee is given by all authorised Dealers in Velocette Motor Cycles and Sidecars :

"We give the following Guarantee with our Motor Cycles and Sidecars in place of and to the exclusion of any implied Conditions or Warranties or any liabilities whatsoever Statutory or otherwise :

We guarantee that all precautions which are usual and reasonable have been taken by us to secure excellence of materials and workman­ship, but this guarantee is to extend and be in force for 6 months only. from date of purchase. The damages for which we- make ourselves responsible under this Guarantee are limited to the free repair of or supply of a new part in exchange for the part which may have proved defective. We do not undertake to bear the cost of replacing or refixing any such new part. As Motor Cycles and Sidecars are easily liable to derangement by neglect or misuse this Guarantee does not apply to defects caused by wear and tear, neglect or misuse. We do not guarantee Tyres, Saddles, Chains, Electrical Equipment or any other Specialities of Accessory Manufacturers."

If a defective part should be found in our Motor Cycles or Sidecars it must be sent to us carriage paid, and accompanied by an intimation from the owner that he desires to have it repaired or exchanged free of charge under our guarantee, and he must also furnish us at the same time with the number of the machine and the date of purchase."

NOTE.—We reserve the right to alter all Specifications where necessary without notice.