This Manual for the maintenance and repair of the Valiant Model is intended primarily for the use of Velocette Dealers and Repairers.

The methods described for carrying out the various operations are those that have been found at the factory to be the easiest and most expeditious.
Where the use of special equipment is called for it can be taken that it is necessary.It is therefore desirable to have available the special tools that will be needed to do the particular job that is being undertaken.

It is also recommended that the directions for doing the job should be read over carefully before beginning the work.

In preparing the book therefore, it has been assumed that the requisite tools and facilities are at hand, and that the operator has the necessary experience of workshop practice. It is also taken for granted that the usual standards of cleanliness will be maintained.

Private owners, or anyone who is undertaking repair work of a fairly extensive nature for the first time are warned not to begin anything that they cannot carry through to a satisfactory conclusion.

Our technical staff are always ready and glad to advise in the event of any process not being quite understood from the text, and we much prefer that any point in doubt should be referred to us beforehand for help, than the risk be run of causing expensive damage through the adoption of incorrect methods.

F.62/ 1 R. March, 1958.