The pump is unlikely to need any attention or renewals and the life of it in normal conditions is indefinite. It is driven from a worm on the fly¬wheel shaft, and is fitted to a machined face on the flywheel housing. One --in. barrel nut holds it, and it can be drawn out of position after removing the fixing nut, and internal oil pipes.

Dismantling the Pump.

There are three main components, the pump housing, the centre plate, and the cover assembly. They are held together by two ¼-in. B.S.F. bolts and nuts. Removal of the bolts allows the components to be separated.

The housing assembly consists of the pump housing (bushed) the gear and the drive gear which is pressed on to the spindle of the gear. The pump cover assembly has the gauze strainer assembly pressed on to it. The parts are obtainable separately if the need arises, except the housing. This is listed bushed, with the drive gear, spindle, and idler gear spindle.

New gears before being fitted must be cleared of all ' fraize ' or rough edges, and must be free to turn when the pump assembly is bolted together tightly. They must have no perceptible end float.

Refitting the Oil Pump Assembly.

Push the assembly into place meshing the drive gear with the worm, and fit the flange nut. Tighten securely. The internal oil pipes can now be refitted.