This handbook is intended only to cover routine maintenance and running adjustments, and directions for carrying out extensive repairs and overhauls have been omitted, as they would not normally be undertaken by the owner-rider.

It has been made as clear and simple as possible so that it shall not be too advanced for the beginner. In conse¬quence much of it may be familiar ground to older hands, but we think that it is better this way. Even so a careful study of it will be as worthwhile to the expert as to the novice.

By following the instructions carefully, and not neglecting lubrication, or failing to carry out adjustments when necessary, the owner will get the best results, and consequently the greatest enjoyment from the machine.

Owners are, however, advised not to interfere need¬lessly with settings and adjustments made to the machine during manufacture and test at the works, and especially not to attempt repair work beyond their capacity to carry out correctly, and which would be better entrusted to a Velocette Service Agent.

If additional information is required our Service Department will reply to technical enquiries relating to the care and maintenance of the machine. All such enquiries must include the complete engine number with all prefix letters from the left-hand side of the crank¬case just below the cylinder base face.

A comprehensive Workshop Service Manual dealing with major repairs and overhauls is obtainable from us.

F485 /1R July, 1956