Where two grades of one brand are specified the latter is a "multi-grade" oil. We approve the use of these oils as alternatives for all-the-year-round use.

Engine - Summer (Ambient temperatures above 60° Fahrenheit) Viscosity S.A.E.40.

Mobiloil B.B. or Mobiloil Special. Shell X100. S.A.E. 40 or 10W /30.
Wakefield Castrol XXL. Essolube 40
B.P. Energol S.A.E. 40 or Visco-Static. Duckham's NOL Forty, Q.5500 or Q.20 /50.

Engine - Winter (Ambient temperature below 60° Fahrenheit) Viscosity S.A.E . 30.

Duckham's NOL Thirty, Q5500, or Q20 /50 B.P. Energol. S.A.E. 30, or Visco-Static.
Essolube 30. Wakefield's Castrol XL.
Shell X100. S.A.E. 30 or 10W /30. Mobiloil A. or Mobiloil Special.

oil tank cutaway 150dpi


  1. Oil Tank Filter Stud Nut.
  2. Oil Tank Filter Cap—Top.
  3. Oil Filter Element.
  4. Outlet to Tank.
  5. Ball Valve Body.
  6. Ball Valve Spring.
  7. Ball Valve Ball.
  8. Oil Strainer Assembly.
  9. Oil Tank Filter Cap—Bottom.
  10. Oil Tank Filter Tube Assembly.

Gearbox. All seasons. Viscosity S.A.E. 40.


Front Fork. All seasons. Viscosity S.A.E. 20


B.P. Energol S.A.E. 20. Essolube 20.
Castrolite. Mobiloil Arctic.
Duckham's NOL Twenty. Shell X100. S.A.E. 20 /20W


Oil-can Lubrication. Viscosity S.A.E. 10.


Shell Donax A1. Duckham's NOL Ten.
Mobil Handy Oil. Wakefield's Oilit.
Esso Light Shock Absorber Oil. B.P. Energol. S.A.E. 10

Grease Gun Lubrication.

Duckham’s H.P.G. Grease
B.P. Energrease C3.
Mobilgrease MP.
Shell Retinax A or CD
Wakefield's Castrolease Medium.

Rear Chain.

 Wakefield's Castrolese - Graphited.  Shell Retinax A or CD
 Duckham's Laminoid.  Mobilgrease No. 2
 B.P. Energrease C3G  Essogrease.


Duckham's H.B.B. Grease. B.P. Energrease C3.
Mobil Hub Grease. Wakefield's Castrolease Heavy.
Shell Retinax A or H Essogrease.

Air Cleaner Element. Viscosity S.A.E. 50.