It may be noticed with a new machine that power is lacking. The reason is that the engine is stiff on account of the bearings, etc., being a very accurate fit. As the machine is used, however, and the parts become run-in, a progressive improvement will be noticeable.

It is a mistake to drive the machine too fast until the engine is quite free, and hard pulling on a large throttle opening should be avoided. When going uphill, therefore, liberal use should be made of the gearbox, so as to ease the load on the engine and the machine should be driven as far as possible with comparatively small throttle openings only.

During the running-in period the engine should not be fully extended, but it is desirable to vary the speed as much as possible. Sharp bursts of speed may be indulged in and the speed and duration of these should be increased as the mileage increases. An engine is usually quite free after about 1,000 miles.

Proper running-in of a new engine is of great importance, since the time and care expended on this procedure will be repaid many times over in extending the " life " of the engine and reducing wear and tear.