In order to assist in the formation of that smooth surface on the working parts, which is so desirable, we recommend with every confidence the use of a running-in compound and upper cylinder lubricant containing Acheson's Colloidal Graphite. The former should be mixed with the lubricating oil before the oil is put into the tank in the proportion of 1 pint to each gallon of oil. After the first 1,000 miles, its use may be continued if desired, but the proportion of compound should be reduced to ½ pint or ¼ pint per gallon of oil. It is very important not to pour the
running-in compound into the tank without mixing it first with the oil. It is quite easily mixed, however, and if the correct amount is put into the oil in a clean measure, it will be found to mix quite easily upon being stirred.

There are various upper cylinder lubricants containing Acheson's " dag " brand Colloidal Graphite, and these are also beneficial. They are usually available from most of our agents.

Upper cylinder lubricant should be mixed with the fuel in the tank in the proportion shown on the containers.