To adjust the dynamo belt, loosen the dynamo clamping nut and turn the dynamo and whilst holding the dynamo to get the required tension on the belt, tighten the clamping nut.

To Fit New Dynamo Belt (Three-speed Models). Remove rear portion of chain cover by taking out the screw at the rear and two at the front. Remove joining link of front chain. Remove flywheel as described previously. Place belt on pulley and reassemble. When fitting wheel into position place belt on to dynamo pulley after first slackenĀ­ing the dynamo belt adjustment.

Lock up flywheel as described under " Fitting Flywheel."

Fitting Dynamo Belt (Four-speed Models). Remove left-hand footrest and brake pedal mounting and pedal. Take off six nuts on the flywheel and pull off the flywheel from the centre. Undo the nut securing the top of the belt cover to the primary chaincase. Remove the cover and the belt is then accessible.

Dismantling Primary Chain (Four-speed Models). Remove the left-hand footrest and brake pedal mounting together with pedal. Take off the rear chain cover and the rear chain driving sprocket. Loosen the sleeve gear nut securing the clutch to the sleeve gear, but do not remove it.

With the closed end of the peg spanner loosen the flywheel nut. When this is loosened it will almost immediately commence to tighten again. Drive the spanner round anti-clockwise, using a lead hammer or mallet, until the flywheel centre is dislodged from the crankshaft. Undo the nut securing the dynamo belt cover to the crankcase. Take off the six nuts securing the flywheel to the centre and withdraw the flywheel and belt cover. Take off the pulley from the dynamo armature. Undo the screws securing the two halves of the chaincase. Take off the sleeve gear nut and pull the clutch front plate together with spring holder off its projections.

The primary chain, flywheel centre, chain cover and chainwheel from the clutch will now all pull out of position.

When re-assembling, it may be difficult to secure the chaincase washer in position while the chain and sprockets, etc., are being put back. The best method is to stick the packing on to the back part of the chain cover with jointing compound such as Gasket Goo.

If a new sprocket is to be fitted, undo the six nuts which bear against the sprocket, when the sprocket will pull off.

After refitting these nuts, do not omit to punch over the ends of the studs to secure them properly.

If the studs are removed from the centre make sure that they are put back in the same holes from which they are removed as some centres are drilled with extra holes between those carrying the studs.