These seldom need attention, but if it is required to remove the bevels the housing must be rested, with the gear teeth downwards, and the flange face across the protected jaws of a vice or over a large tube or bush of suitable diameter. The bevel gear is removed by forcing it out of its retaining collar by tapping the slotted end downwards, using a brass or aluminium punch to avoid damaging the bevel.

To remove the bush, this has to be pressed out of the housing in the same direction. If a re-placement bush is fitted, it is essential that after fitting, the thrust face of the bush must be exactly the same distance from the joint face as the original, and it is therefore necessary to check this distance carefully before pressing out the old bush. If the distance is not correct trouble will be encountered in re-assembling the bevels, as if the thrust face stands out too far the meshing will be too tight, and if not enough there will be too much back lash between the teeth.

When re-fitting the bevel smear the bearing surface with clean oil, clean out the bush and push the bevel into place. Place the locating collar over the end of the bevel with the flat face downwards, and press it down into place. When finally fitted, the collar must allow the bevel to rotate freely without end float.