As to the re-assembly of the Crankcase, no particular difficulty is likely to occur, but care is necessary to see that the Flywheel Assembly is set so that with perfect freedom when cold, there is no detectable sideplay.

The best method of doing this part of the work is first to fit the main bearings into the Crankcase, bolt the two halves of the Crankcase together (there is no joint packing used between them) and measure carefully the distance between the faces of the two inner rings of the Bearings. Use an internal micrometer for this. Next measure the width across between the main Bearing-bosses on the Flywheels. Any difference between the two dimensions may be made up by placing shims behind the outer rings of the bearings. As far as possible pack each side equally to keep the Flywheel Assembly central in the Crankcase. The shims are stocked in three thicknesses, .0003-in., .0005-in., and .012-in.