If slackness in the front chain is taken up it will be necessary to re-adjust the rear chain to compensate for the amount that it will have been slackened by the rearward movement of the gearbox.

To re-adjust the rear chain slacken the nut on the dummy spindle at the left-hand side frame fork end and slightly unscrew the detachable spindle which passes through the fork end of the frame on the right-hand side.

The wheel may be pushed to the rear to take up excess slackness in the chain by turning the chain adjusting screws each a little at a time clockwise after loosening the lock nuts which keep them secured in the frame fork ends. The heads of the adjusters and lock nuts are situated in the angle made between the saddle stay tubes (from fork end lugs to below saddle) and the chain stays (between fork end lugs and lower part of frame) (see Fig. 22). A convenient way to keep the rear wheel in correct alignment is to count the number of turns given to each screw and turn them an equal amount. Push the wheel forward so as to contact the dummy spindle and detachable spindle with the ends of the adjusters and hold it in this position while tightening the spindle and the nut on the opposite side.

Check the adjustment of the chain, and if correct tighten the lock nuts on the adjusters and check the spindle and nut for tightness. Finally and most important, should the rear chain be taken off always be sure to refit the small spring clip on the chain connecting link carefully into the grooves in the link pins and make sure that the closed end of the spring clip faces forward in the direction of movement of the chain.