Lubricate all exposed ends of cables from oil can. Check all controls for freedom and see that nipples work freely in control levers. Remove any tight nipples from levers, ease, lubricate and refit.

Any cables showing signs of sticking within the outer casing must be detached from the levers and oil worked down into outer casing by feeding in oil from can and working casing up and down on inner cable whilst cable is held as upright as possible.

CONTROL LEVERS  Lubricate all moving parts of levers.
BRAKE CONTROLS.  Lubricate felt washers behind front and rear cam levers, trunnions at front and rear ends of rear brake rod, felts and exposed portion of brake cable on front brake cam lever.
STANDS.  Lubricate pivots of prop stand and rear stand
FOOTRESTS. Lubricate pillion footrest pivots.
FRONT FORK SPINDLES  Grease five nipples.
FOOTSTARTER.  Lubricate footpiece pivot