Do not forget to raise the prop stand before driving away, and always use this stand whenever possible in preference to leaning the machine against walls or kerbstones.

See that the stand works freely. Lubricate the pivot if the stand is stiff. Do not forget to open the air lever fully and advance the ignition control when running.

Do not race the engine unnecessarily or let the clutch in suddenly. This causes increased wear on the tyres, chains, and transmission generally. Try to obtain a neat and smooth get-away.

Keep the feet clear of the brake and gear pedals when not actually braking or changing gear, and keep the hand off the clutch lever when it is not in use.

Drive as much as possible on the throttle, making the minimum use of the brakes.

Use both brakes in preference to the rear only.

Do not let the engine slog on a high gear. Change to a lower ratio in good time.

Do not kick or "stamp down" the gear pedal. Force is unnecessary. Do not attempt to start with the throttle too far open.

Do not neglect essential adjustments, particularly the clutch adjustment. Feel the footstarter ratchet.engage before putting the full weight on the footpiece.

Do not in any circumstances tamper with the silencer. More noise may make the machine seem faster, but experience has shewn that alterations usually reduce the performance.

Always close fuel taps when leaving the machine for any length of time. Tighten any loose nuts or bolts as soon as they are seen to need attention.