The importance of efficient lubrication cannot be over-estimated. The use of cheap oils is false economy and we strongly recommend the employment of those oils which we have found from our own experience to be the most suitable for our machines.

The identifying letters used by most oil firms denoting the different grades in which that oil is supplied are imitated so that it is essential when ordering oil to specify the brand as well as the grade. As an additional precaution it is advisable to buy from the branded cabinets or from sealed Packages. See where your oil is drawn from, and note that it is clean and is measured in a clean container.

For correct lubrication we strongly recommend the following high quality oils.


Patent Castrol XXL, Aeroshell, Mobiloil D.


Patent Castrol XXL, Aeroshell, Mobiloil D.


Castrolease Heavy, Shell Retinax, Mobilgrease No. 2.