TO START UP. Fill up with Petrol and Oil. For Standard K.S.S., and K.T.T., Models 50% Benzol and 50% Petrol. The Oil Tank is below the Saddle. Fill this up to within 2 in. of the top of the Filler Cap. Do not remove the gauze as this ensures that no foreign matter enters with the Oil.

In case of a new machine or one that has been emptied of Oil for transport purposes, it is advisable to pour a small quantity of Oil into the Bevel Gear Casing through the Screwed Plug, K99, see illustration P. 21. Remove the Oil Filler Plug in the Gearbox, and fill up with Engine Oil until the Oil is level with the Filling orifice when the machine is standing level.

Turn on Petrol and Oil taps. The "On" position of the oil tap is with the large screwdriver slot vertical. Depress "tickler" of carburetter until Petrol pressure is just felt, do not flood.

Place Gear Lever in neutral. Place ignition Lever mid-way between advanced and retard. Leave Air Lever closed, open Throttle Lever very slightly (too large an opening cuts out of action the Pilot jet and makes starting difficult). When engine is warm start it with Air Lever fully open and Throttle Lever opened very slightly, about 1/16" lift on the Throttle Slide.

Lift the Exhaust Lever with the Valve on the left-hand side of the Handlebar. Smartly depress the Kick-starter to the full extent of its travel, at the same time release the Exhaust Lever so as to allow the Valve to close immediately preceding the moment of firing.

In very cold weather, it is a good practice as a preliminary, to raise the Exhaust Lifter, and give a few kicks on the starter with the Throttle half open, Air Lever closed, and then return the Levers to their respective positions, as mentioned above for actual start. This helps to free the piston.

To start away with the Engine running, withdraw the Clutch Lever which is placed on the left-hand side of the Handlebar, place the Gear Lever into low position (right back), or if a foot gear change is fitted the foot lever should be depressed to engage bottom gear, very gently release the Clutch, and at the same time slightly open the throttle when the machine will take up the load gradually, and move away smoothly. Speed the Machine up by opening the Throttle.

To change into second gear, partly close the Throttle, declutch, and move the gear lever smartly into second position, or with foot gear change the lever should be pulled up smartly. To change into top repeat. Let the Clutch in, and open the Throttle at the same time.

When running, the Air Lever should be fully or nearly fully opened. Do not constantly slip your Clutch, it is better to change into a lower gear. Full use should be made of the gearbox to prevent the engine labouring.

TO STOP. Close the Throttle, withdraw the Clutch, and apply the Brakes, and when the Machine has come to a standstill, put the Gear Lever into neutral.