FOR 1931-1932 KTT ENGINES KTT271-KTT399.

VALVE TIMING. No. 27 Racing Cam.

Exhaust open 68º before bottom centre.

Exhaust closes 48° after top centre.

Tappet clearance for above timing .012".

Running clearance for racing .022" exhaust. .012" inlet.

The inlet timing will come correct as the cams are in one piece.

Note.—It is advisable to have the rocker skids trued up at the works whilst in position in the rockers, this will ensure greater accuracy of timing.

Carburetter setting.

Type 56 Amal 1" bore choke. For 50/50 Petrol-Benzol 200-220.

R.D.I. Jet 450, Double Float Chamber preferred.

Methanol, Jet 750 or 800 Double Float Chamber necessary.