As new motor cycles are not usually delivered to the Agents' Showrooms by road it is necessary to make certain before starting up the engine, or taking the machine over, that the fuel and oil tanks are filled and that there is the correct amount of oil in the gearbox. Also as the accumulator may not have been filled with electrolite (or charged) these details should be checked over and attended to as required.

The oil tank should be filled to about 1-in, of the top (i.e., about 2 ½-in. below the top face of the filler cap neck).

Do not start the engine of a new machine or one on which the oil feed pipe has been disturbed before priming the oil pump. See page 13.

The gearbox is filled with ordinary engine oil through the opening in the end cover from which the plug marked "Oil" has first been removed. Also remove the level plug from the end cover (see Figs. 15 and 36) and pour in oil until it is seen to drain out of the level plug hole with the machine held upright. Capacity about 2/3rd. pint.

When the flow ceases replace and tighten both plugs. Be very careful not to over-tighten the level plug or the cover may be damaged or the plug broken off.

Do not in any circumstances use anything except engine oil for gearbox lubrication. Grease or heavy gear oil may cause the bearings to run dry.