See Fig 10 (Webb) and Fig 11 (telescopic)

On machines with girder forks slacken the steering damper right off and tighten the shock absorber fully to prevent the fork extending when the wheel is clear of the ground, otherwise the extended spring will foul the head lug and it will be impossible to check the bearings.

Final adjustment must allow perfect freedom in the column without trace of play. Support the machine with a block beneath the crankcase to allow the tyre to clear the ground. To remove play slacken the clamping bolt nut and tighten down the column lock-nut until the column begins to bind when turned. Gradually slacken the column lock-nut until the column is found to be just free with no trace of play or roughness in working. When correctly adjusted tighten the clamp bolt nut.

Should the column turn jerkily or roughly suspect that the head race cups and cones are worn and pitted, and dismantle the column for inspection and if necessary the renewal of the worn parts.

Fig 10 Steering head, Webb forks

Fig 11 Steering head, telescopic fork