The front chain is enclosed in a sheet metal cover and a small quantity of oil is put into the chain case before the machine is tested. The oil should be replenished at intervals of approximately 1,000 miles, more oil being poured in through the inspection plug hole in the front part of the primary cover. This inspection cap is approximately above the left-hand footrest. It is usually convenient to squirt oil over the chain from an oil can while the chain is moved forward by the starter.

The rear chain should be lubricated from an oil can from time to time, and occasionally should be removed and put into a bath of paraffin to allow the paraffin to penetrate into the interior of the chain joints and also brushed well to remove all external dirt. It should then be given another bath in fresh, clean paraffin, and after being well shaken should be hung up to drain. The chain is then ready to be lubricated before being refitted to the machine. This can be done by soaking it in a bath of warm, but not boiling, graphite grease or tallow. The grease or tallow must be warm enough to be quite fluid. After allowing the chain to remain in the bath from about 15 to 20 minutes, allow the bath to cool down until the contents almost set, and then remove the chain, wipe off excess grease and refit it.

When re-fitting the rear chain, make sure that the spring clip on the connecting link is fitted so that the closed end of the link faces forward in the direction of movement of the chain. This is important.