See Fig. 7. Remove the outer half of the cover by unbolting it from the back half and taking off the nut holding it to the primary chain case.

Disconnect the positive (+) leads from the rear (red) terminal of the battery. This is most important.

Remove the dynamo clamp bolt (1) and turn the dynamo carcase in its mounting to loosen the belt. Take off the belt.

Pull out the single pin plug from the socket which protrudes through the commutator cover. The cover is marked +B at this point. (Fig 34, page 68.)

Take out the two screws holding the voltage regulator base to the dynamo strap.

Pull the dynamo and the back half of the belt cover out to the left side of the machine from under the strap, at the same time leading the two cables connecting the regulator to the dynamo out between the crankcase and strap.

To take the back half of the cover off the dynamo, remove the armature nut and draw the belt pulley off the taper. If a claw extractor is used be careful not to break the flange of the pulley.

It is usually possible to remove the pulley, after taking off the nut, by supporting it from the back and delivering a light sharp blow on the end of the armature. Always use a soft punch to avoid harming the thread if this method is used.