All owners of new machines are entitled to one Free Inspection and Service of the machine at five hundred miles, or, at the latest, within three months of taking delivery. This Service is arranged by the owner applying to the Dealer from whom he bought the motor-cycle for an appointment to have the work done at the Dealer's workshop. A Free Service Voucher is issued with each new machine.

The Inspection and Service includes :-

  1. Draining engine oil (preferably whilst hot) and refilling. Do not disturb oil pipes.
  2. Removing crankcase suction filter, cleaning, and replacing.
  3. Draining gearbox (preferably whilst hot) and refilling.
  4. Checking and if necessary adjusting chains, and checking for correct lubrication.
  5. Checking and topping up battery. Checking lighting and charging.
  6. Checking, and if necessary, adjusting tappet clearances.
  7. Checking, and if necessary, adjusting contact breaker.
  8. Cleaning and resetting sparking plug.
  9. Checking clutch adjustment and resetting if necessary.
  10. Checking and if necessary re-adjusting brakes.
  11. Checking and if necessary re-adjusting steering head.
  12. Dismantling, cleaning, refitting, and re-adjusting carburetter.
  13. Testing wheel bearings. (No adjustment.)
  14. Lubricating all control cables and adjusting if necessary. Lubricating stand pivots, etc.
  15. Checking over all external nuts and bolts and tightening as required.
  16. Greasing all nipples.
  17. Testing tyre pressures and correcting if necessary.
  18. Testing machine on road.

N.B. - The cost of oils, greases, and materials is chargeable to the customer.

On completion of the Service fill in and sign the card, tear it off from the Free Service Voucher and post it to us.