A new machine should be checked over after 500 miles use by the dealer from whom it was purchased. See preceding section dealing with the " First 500 mile Free Service Check."

Subsequent maintenance work is detailed below and the recommendations are based on an assumed weekly mileage of five hundred. It is however impossible to apply rigid limits to maintenance, and the intervals quoted are not necessarily the minimum. In some conditions of use more frequent attention may be desirable or even essential.

As a general thing the rule should be a little and often. The effects of neglect are usually expensive in the long run.

The oils and greases suitable for the machine are specified on page 23.

Every 500 miles. Check control cables for freedom and condition, and oil the exposed sections. Oil pivot bolts and nipples. Remove, free off, lubricate and replace any found to be tight or deteriorated.

Check levers and pivots for security of fixings and pivot bolts, etc.

Check level of oil in oil tank and gearbox and top up if needed.

Oil brake cam felt and brake rod trunnions.

Oil stand pivots and folding kickstart footpiece pivot.

Oil chains.

Check tyre pressures.

Every 1,000 miles. (Additional to the above). Remove battery vent plugs, check filling and top up as required. See page 67.

Test battery terminals for security and clean and grease if needed, being sure to remove any corrosion that may have formed.

Check clutch adjustment and reset if needed.

Grease trunnion shaft bearing nipples - one each side.

Check primary chain and readjust if needed.

Top up primary chain case if needed.

Examine rear chain. If dirty remove, clean, re-lubricate and refit.

Every 2,000 miles. (Additional to above.) Drain engine oil tank, refit drain plug. Do not disturb any oil pipes. Remove, clean, and replace crankcase suction filter. Refill oil tank.

Check dynamo belt adjustment and readjust if needed. Grease speedometer reduction gearbox on rear hub. Grease rear brake pedal bearing.

Every 3,000 miles. Oil magneto contact breaker.

Every 5,000 miles. (Additional to above.) Drain gearbox, refit drain plug and refill.

Check, clean and readjust contact breaker.

Remove magneto high tension brush holder. Inspect brush, clean brush, brush holder and slip ring. Replace.

Remove, clean, and readjust sparking plug.

Remove air cleaner assembly, wash out, re-oil and refit. Do not take apart.

Every 10,000 miles. (Additional to above.) Remove fabric oil filter element. Fit new element. Do not attempt to clean the dirty element.

Drain and refill front fork struts. (This is optional.)

Check condition of dynamo commutator and brushes. Clean commutator if blackened, replace brushes if necessary. (This work is best entrusted to an Electrical Service Agent.)

Remove speedometer flexible drive, pull out inner cable, coat with (Esso T.S.D. 119) grease and refit.