The extreme importance of efficient lubrication cannot be too highly stressed. Cheap lubricants of unknown brands and grades are false economy, and we have therefore prepared a list (which follows) of the oils and greases that we have found most suitable for this model.

Do not use additives. They are unnecessary.

As the identification letters and grade markings are sometimes imitated, the brand required, as well as the grade, should always be asked for when ordering. An additional safeguard is to see that all oil is bought in sealed containers or is taken from a cabinet marked with the correct brand and grade.

If oil is bought " loose " see that it is served in a clean measure, and avoid refilling in dusty surroundings.

For the engine different grades are specified to suit different climatic conditions. In the British Isles a " Summer " grade oil is normally employed from the beginning of May until the end of September, and a " winter " grade for the remainder of the year. As conditions are different overseas, average ambient temperatures are quoted in our recommendation list.

The lubrication system provides full lubrication so that additives are unnecessary and should not be used.

Never keep the same supply of engine oil in use longer than 2,000 miles.

The oil must be changed at that mileage, or sooner.