The front chain is enclosed in a sheet metal cover and a quantity of oil is put into the chain case at these Works before the Machine is tested. The oil in the chaincase should be replenished from time to time, through the inspection plug hole in the front of the cover.

It is important always to keep the chain cover well supplied with oil. The rear chain should be lubricated with an oil can from time to time and occasionally should be removed and put into a bath of paraffin and also brushed well to remove all external dirt and to allow the paraffin to penetrate into the interior of the chain joints. The chain should then be given another bath in fresh paraffin and, after being well shaken and rinsed, should be hung up to dry. The chain is then ready for re-oiling before being put back into service. Alternatively, after cleaning, the chain may be placed in a bath of warm but not boiling graphite grease. The grease must be warm enough to be quite fluid. After soaking the chain in the bath for about half an hour, let the bath cool down until the grease solidifies and then remove the chain, which will be ready for use.