Detachable Type

Remove the wheel by taking out the wheel spindle from the right-hand side of the machine and undoing the three wheel holding nuts.

To remove the bearings take a punch made from round brass or aluminium bar slightly under 7/8" diameter and turned at one end for a distance of about 1" to just below 5/8". Fit the turned end of the punch into the right-hand end of the hollow spindle and drive out the spindle towards the opposite side.

The spindle will take out with it the ball race from the brake drum side and the dust cap, and the dust cover will be freed from the spindle on the right-hand side.

Now remove the ball race retaining ring from the hub and pack the bearing with grease. Refit and tighten up the retaining ring. The ring is a right-hand thread. See that inner grease retaining washers are in place.

Refit the bearing and spindle from the opposite side of the hub and drive the spindle back into place. Pack grease into the race on the brake drum side and refit the dust cap. Finally tap the dust cover back on to the hollow spindle on the right-hand side and refit the wheel.

Non-detachable Type

To Dismantle bearings of non-detachable type rear wheel follow the procedure as detailed for the front wheel, keeping in mind however that the brake in the case of this wheel is on the left-hand side. Always remove the spindle by driving it out towards the brake drum side of the wheel.