Both wheel hubs are fitted with Taper Roller Bearings (except on machines with detachable rear wheel) and these seldom need adjustment. There should always be the slightest perceptible play at the wheel rim in all positions.

To take up play undo the spindle nut on the side opposite to the brake. (This is the left-hand side nut in the case of the front hub and the right-hand side nut in the case of the rear hub.) Next slacken the locknut just inside the fork end. Screw up the adjusting nut next to the locknut in a clock­wise direction until play has nearly all been removed. Re-tighten the lock nut and spindle nut and try the adjustment again. If the bearing is too tight, undo the spindle nut, the locknut, and turn the adjusting nut anti­clockwise or outwards from the hub. Tap the hub across from the brake Side using a wood mallet or wooden block to give freedom, and readjust as before. Never run the machine without a slight trace of play in the wheel bearings as this will put a heavy artificial load on the bearings and tend to break them up. A sixty-fourth of an inch play on the wheel rim in all positions is sufficient. See that the brakes are not binding when making and testing the adjustment and always tighten the spindle nuts fully before checking the final adjustment.

No adjustment is provided for Bearings of detachable type rear wheel.